Cleo & Mau (asthma, aggressive)



Dear Anifit Team,

Cleo (our asthma cat) and Mau (our aggressive cat when visitors came) have changed a lot for the better!

We have been feeding Anifit since September 2012. And since then, we haven't taken Cleo to the vet for an asthma injection. She hasn't had any more attacks since switching. She is very agile and fit. She even plays, which she never used to do.

Everything has also turned positive for Mau. To make her feel comfortable, we always bought Feliway and used it in the living room and bedroom. This meant we could let visitors in without hesitation. Now Mau is totally relaxed in the living room without Feliway and has no aggression.

Our cats have developed really well, have a beautiful coat and enjoy eating their meals.

We are satisfied and speak only positively about Anifit. We no longer feed anything else.

Yours, Monika Stocker

August 2013

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