Coco, Shiva & Vani (semolina and fur problems)





Three cheers for ANIFIT - I can only warmly recommend it!!!

After a few days ago with my three cats:

COCO (domestic cat, 9 years old)
SHIVA(Bengal, 4 years old) and
VANI (Turkish Van, 3 years old)

to our vet for the annual check-up, what I had hoped for based on my observations has now been confirmed! I switched completely to ANIFIT in September. It took about 3 weeks for all three cats to get along with it without any problems. The complaints that were present: Coco had a severe allergy, which I only got under control to some extent by giving ATOPICA Shiva suffered from massive bladder grit and was extremely thin. Vani was symptom-free.

After about 2-3 months, I noticed that all three had beautiful, shiny coats, and I stopped giving Coco medication for her allergy. In addition, Shiva seemed somehow stronger and no longer so skinny, Coco more agile and a little less chubby. (However, our need for ANIFIT is considerable: 3 x 400g doses a day).

Everything I had observed has now been confirmed by the vet: Coco's allergy is as good as gone, she is in top condition and has lost 1I2kg. Shiva's bladder is ABSOLUTELY FREE OF GRACE!!! And he has gained almost 1kg.

Vani's coat is even more beautiful than it has always been. Our doctor was also delighted and asked me about my secret.

Best regards
Susanne Tutsch

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