Renal insufficiency in Leyla and Prinz

Hello Anifit Team,

Like our two dogs Prinz (Vizsla, 4 years old) and Leyla (Bracke mix, 13 years old), we are absolutely delighted with this food, which we have been feeding for 6 months now. Our dogs really love it and it is really good for them.

After a very poor vet diagnosis for our dog Leyla (stage 3 renal insufficiency), we had to feed her a special kidney diet in addition to medication. The values improved slightly, but this special diet was not suitable as a permanent diet and we were afraid of losing Leyla. We then heard about Anifit from a friend who walks our dog and were keen to try it out.

Thanks to your nutritional counselling, Leyla is now doing really well again. The blood values are all back in the normal range. A kidney diet is no longer necessary. We have also been able to stop all her medication. She is only still receiving homeopathic globules. She is now very fit again and even goes hunting with Prince Rabbit again.

Prinz is also benefiting from the food and has even lost a few kilos that he had previously put on with the dry food. He has also had virtually no digestive problems since being fed the food.

We now feed our senior dog Leyla mainly with RyDog Vital Menu Lamb and our half-strong prince gets the other flavours alternately. His favourite, however, is Schäfer's Pfanne. We mix in salmon oil, rice pops and vegetable mix and a land of milk and honey meal is ready.

Many thanks for the good advice and best regards
Jochen and Martina Wilsberg

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